Vidios got blammed! :(

2015-11-19 07:49:49 by MLGKlown

heyy, this iz mlg kown hear :(. Just wanna saye that mye vidios are funnie and wies whye would people say thaet they're bad and then blam them?? it's wiieerd, bcuz on youtube everyone really likes my vidios and on newgrounds i got 2 deletes :(. i still haev 3 gewd vidios, just thaet the last 2 i put on the site people liked it gaev 5 staer 4 staer reviewes then it stiel got blaemmd!!

The vidios were mye amie roes fanfik and mye kiksarter to fixe mye klown nose cuz it broek 

And foer all the faens out there, thankss for being their for me throo thik and thinn. I'm sorrie if tha vidioes got blammded. :( You caen still go to my youtueb channelle called MLG Klown where I maek vidios most of them caen bee found in thier!! i'm so sorrie newgroundes. hope i don't get spanked too 

Also I Have a twetter account named @MLGKlown 

-by MLG Klown


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2015-11-19 09:55:46

ohhhh did you get blamed?

MLGKlown responds:



2015-11-19 10:10:36

good :).

MLGKlown responds:

y is it gewd it'z noooet goed


2015-11-20 10:09:19

yeah someone blammed those videos :(.